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Gagne Family

Baby & Family

I’m not a parent, one day yes, but by no means do I know what it’s like to worry about, and love on a little human like many of you do. HOWEVER, I do get to spend some intimate time with many families. I get to see the meltdowns, the parent’s exhaustion levels, the silly dances behind the camera for a simple smile. Family sessions are often the sweetest, messy, love filled parts of my week.

I love that even in a hectic shoot like this, when nothing looks like it’s going as planned, your kids aren’t performing, bribery is required and only slightly doing the trick..if you take it in small dosages, single images, it all looks magical, because it is!

That’s a bit like most of life right? Big picture is often times overwhelming, a bit crazy. Take it in bite size pieces, frozen moments, restful breaks. It’s all magic.

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