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Engagement of a cross fit couple


Ya know when your find your person? That person who makes all your awkwardness make sense, who likes to spend time climbing ropes in a gym, sees things a bit like you.  You know that person who just fits in the future you imagined for yourself? You may have that person, if you do, hopefully you take breaks from the fast pace life you’re living to just actually look at this wonderful human with admiration.
Look at them and this time try not to see the dishes they left in the sink, the evenings they made you late to, the little things they may have missed.  Look at them and see the compromises, the love they’ve shown in little ways, the promise to do life with you, no matter what!  I know, I sound like a mushy newlywed but I don’t care, and I hope to always sound this way (or at least read through these blog posts to remind myself of how smart I once was!).
Je’Von and Joel are all of these things.  Its so fun to spend time with couples who love each other this much and are genuinely so so grateful to have found one another.  Their love story is a crazy one, and a beautiful one to me at that.  Its not mine to tell in words so lets just gaze at it in stills for a while shall we?

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